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Date of Last GEDCOM Import: 23 Dec 2019 17:38:22

1 Apr 2020 - Sabert Oglesby (1751-1831), my 3rd great-grandfather

Ancestry.com Thrulines shows 9 DNA matches through Sabert Oglesby (1751-1831): 5 through his son John Thomas Oglesby (1803-1899), 1 through his son George Oglesby (1807-____), and 3 through his son and my 2nd great-grandfather Samuel Oglesby (1814-1817). The descents are as follows:

John Thomas Oglesby (1803-1899)

— Edward Oglesby (1828-1863) → John Thomas Oglesby (1855-1910) → Charles E. Oglesby (1888-1944) → Lola M. O. Bice (1912-2004) → Private → {9cM | 1 segment}

— Seaborn Oglesby (1836-1922) → John Oglesby (1870-1947) → Luella Oglesby (1896-1981) → John D. Yarbrough (1930-1999) → {9cM | 1 segment}

— Phebe E. Oglesby (1839-____) → David Henry Ellard (1865-1947) → Mary Lucille Ellard (1897-1964) → Geraldine R. K. Farlor (1921-2002) → {3cM | 1 segment}

— James John Oglesby (1851-1922) → Maggie Warren (1883-1969) → Lois A. W. Miller (1901-1999) → Norman Earl Miller (1933-2010) → Norma J. Miller, {7cM | 1 segment}

— Sarah E. Oglesby (1853-1940) → Minerva E. Brackner (1887-1974) → Myrtle M. Carroll (1910-2003) → Samantha Arrington (7cM | 1 segment}

George Oglesby (1807-____)

— Abagail Oglesby (1825-____) → Mary B. E. Wright (1865-1956) → Walter E. Owens (1889-1959) → Vera Mae Owens (1915-2002) → Silas Lamar Dempsey (1935-2004) → Susan Darby {9cM | 1 segment}

Samuel Oglesby (1814-1870)

— George M. Oglesby (1852-1926) → Luke M. Mitchell (1879-1949) → Dennis D. Mitchell (1925-1971) → Tricia Howell {27 cM | 3 segments}

— George M. Oglesby (1852-1926) → Walter F. Mitchell (1884-1960) → George Emory Oglesby (1914-1992) → Gwendolyn Johnson {49 cM | 4 segments}

— Felix T. Oglesby (1866-1940) → John Jackson Canada (1888-1957) → Mae Gladys Canada (1923-2016) → John Gall {897cM | 37 segments}

7 Mar 2020 - Margaret Melville

Back in July Dr. James Reid-Baxter wrote that the 2nd wife of Sir John Scot, of Scotstarvet (1586-1670) was not Margaret Melville the daughter of Sir James Melville of Hallhill & Christina Boswell but Margaret's niece Elizabeth Melville, daughter of James Melville 2° of Hallhill & Catherine Learmonth of Balcombie. While most all older accounts show the former ancestry, The Redbook of Scotland shows the latter, so I have adjusted my data accordingly. Also, reviewed and edited the associated Melville and connecting Hume lines.

28 Feb 2020 - Who the Hell is "Samuel Joseph Howe" (1720-1789)?

I recently received an EMail from Thomas Wilson who said he manages the MyHerigate family tree of Frederick Howe, 7th Earl Howe.  He said he has found matches to the earl's DNA through 2 different children of Major Joseph Howe & Elinor Dunbar, lending support to the legend that Joseph Howe was the son of Emanuel Scrope Howe & Sophia Charlotte von Kielmansegge.

In glancing over the trees on MyHeritage and Ancestry that have Joseph Howe and Elinor Dunbar, I noticed that some of them had Joseph as 'Samuel Joseph'. And then I received an email from a woman who said she was trying to connect her ancestors Marcus/Marquis Lykins & Margarette Howe to Samuel Joseph Howe & Eleanor Dunbar.

I was tempted to ignore it except that I was also intrigued about this Samuel Joseph Howe and where on earth the Samuel came from.

The best I can determine it came from Find-A-Grave memorial No. 40651413 which has absolutely no documentation for anything and has other errors. For instance, it has their daughter Eleanor Howe married to Thomas Blizzard.  Middle New River Settlements says George Pearis married Eleanor Howe, a daughter of Joseph Howe, 26 Feb 1771 and that she died 14 Nov 1780 as his wife.

The FamilySearch tree for Joseph Howe (ID: LZD9-DYW) & Eleanor Dunbar has 3 sources for this 'Samuel' and not a one of them contains the word Samuel. Among these sources is the DAR application of a descendant of Daniel Howe which clearly says "Joseph Howe" with no 'Samuel'. There is a "Legacy NFS Source" (whatever that is) for a "Joseph William Howe" 1729-1794, and there is the already discussed Find-A-Grave memorial. Joseph & Eleanor had a son John William Howe (1752-1835)

This FamilySearch tree has Margaret Howe (1745-1822) married to Marcus Lykins as a daughter of Samuel Joseph and Eleanor. Neither The Family of Hoge nor Listen to the Mockingbird mention any Margaret. Nor does a single one of the 13 sources I have for Joseph's name have the word 'Samuel'.

This Margaret Howe Lykins (ID: LCZ5-7NP) has 3 alleged sources. The 1st one is a death record for Joseph Howard Howe (1798-1884), married to "Margaret Hugh Howe", son of Daniel Howe & Nancy (Heaven) Howe! The 2nd a Pennsylvania marriage record of Marcus Likins to Margaret Howe in 1765 with no birth or parents listed. And the 3rd attached source is a total mystery, another one of these Legacy NFS sources.

Without spending too much time on this Samuel business, it appears someone hoping to claim royal descent or DAR lineage or simply to extend their tree back has conflated records of different people and nebulous dubious sources and totally unsourced trees to attach themselves to Joseph Howe & Eleanor Dunbar.

29 Jan 2020 - There are two James Oglesby born ~1842 in Alabama who are cousins: one the son of Joseph Oglesby (1822-____) & Henrietta Ellard (1822-____), the other son of Sabert Oglesby (1809-1899) & Henrietta's sister Hannah Ellard (1818-____).

FamilySearch has these two double linked with both being the husband of Cornelia Stacey and father of Jessie Oglesby who married Jess Boyd. Find A Grave has the husband of Cornelia as the son of Sabert Oglesby & Hannah Ellard.

19 Jan 2020 - There are two Edward Oglesbys on the 1850 Census in Shelby County, Alabama.

On Page 242B there is an Edward b. 1828 with wife Elizabeth b. 1830 and daughter Rebecca b. 1849, all born in Alabama. On the next page there is an Edward Oglesby b. 1826 in the family of John & Elizabeth Oglesby.

This came to my notice while searching for Rebecca Oglesby.

18 Jan 2020 - The descendants of my 2nd cousin twice removed Felton Hill Oglesby (1873-1958).

16 Jan 2020 - Roy W. Oglesby (1903-____) my 3rd cousin once removed

Roy Married Eva Frances Perrigin, daughter of Arnie Perrigin and sister of Mary Estelle Perrigin and Mattie Adell Perrigin who married Roy's 1st cousins Richard S. and Burmon Butler Oglesby respectively. Their daughter Alma Lucille Oglesby married Roy Clifton Ray, the nephew of John O. Perrigin (1895-1962) who married Roy Oglesby's 1st cousin Mary Elizabeth Oglesby (1900-1982).

15 Jan 2020 - I now have 253 Oglesbys in my data, descendents of Sabert Oglesby (1751-1831).

These Oglesbys settled in Bibb County centered around Carrollton, Reform, Green Pond, McShan, and Northport. They were primarily coal miners as opposed to my Talladega & Clay county ancestors who were primarily ore miners. Those who didn't work the mines worked for sawmills or supplied timber to the mines. It's likely anyone alive today that was born in that area is related to them somehow.

They intermarried particularly with the George and Perrigin families. Dennis D. George (1831-1899), brother of Elizabeth George who married Samuel Berges Oglesby, married Samuel's sister Sarah Ann Oglesby.

There is an Arnie Perrigen on the 1940 census living next to the families of John Perrigen & Mary Oglesby, John's brother Edward Perrigen, and John's sister Bertha Harcrow. I suspect Arnie Perrigen and John O. are brothers but can find nothing to document this. Indeed, I have been unable to find Arnie's parents in FamilySearch or Ancestry.com. It appears because Arnie was born after 1880, in 1884, that he fell off the genealogical map. Arnie's daughter Mary Estelle Perrigin (1908-1995) married Richard S. Oglesby (1903-1981) and Estelle's sister Mattie Adelle Perrigin (1910-1999) married Richard's brother Burmon Butler Oglesby (1910-1975). Samuel is 1st cousin twice removed to Richard & Burmon.

23 Dec 2019 Import

 1 Dec 2019 - Samuel Oglesby (1812-____), my 2nd great-grandfather.

My Oglesby ancestors have long been something of a brick wall, but when I got a 4-6th cousin DNA match to a descendant of Samuel Oglesby I looked over their tree which has Sabert Oglesby (1751-1831) as the father of Samuel. I found enough evidence that my Samuel and Sabert's son Sabert (1809-1899) were brothers that I made Sabert (1751-1831) my 3rd great-grandfather, and added 5 or more generations of Saberts who lived mainly in Bibb County.

There are trees that trace this line back to the Lords and Earls Fleming of Wigtown through Sabert's mother Phebe Lindsey but I have yet to find anything convincing enough for me to take the line back that far.

At the moment I have increased the individuals with a surname of Oglesby from 46 to 89. There will probably be several hundred by the time I've added what descendants of Sabert (1751-1831) I can find.

Also, I found a scan of the marriage license for Samuel B. Oglesberry & Elizabeth George. It appears this Samuel B. Oglesberry (1834-1862) born in Alabama and is the nephew of my 2ndgreat-grandfather Samuel born ~1812 through his brother George (1805-1850).

13 Nov 2019 - Martha Lenora Hill (1874-1920), wife of my 2nd great-granduncle Charles Gideon Oglesby

I merged Lenora Hill, daughter of William J. Hill & Catherine Smith, into Martha Lenora Hill, wife of my 2nd great-granduncle Charles Gideon Oglesby (1869-____).

8 Nov 2019 - Elizabeth Mitchell (1835)-1900), my 2nd great-grandmother, 2nd great-greataunt

I was looking over Ancestry.com's Through Lines and examined one which had 32 DNA matches. This made my 2nd great-grandmother Elizabeth George to be the daughter of Stith Mitchell and sister of his son my 2nd great-grandfather James M. Mitchell. Also, the surname 'George' was from a Find-A-Grave memorial and that memorial no longer shows Elizabeth George to be the wife of my 2nd great-grandfather Samuel Oglesby. Further, the death certificate (a far more reliable source than Find-A-Grave) for Elizabeth's son George Oglesby has her as "Elizabeth Mitchell". So I merged Elizabeth Mitchell daughter of Stith Mitchell into the record for Elizabeth Mitchell wife of Samuel Oglesby and changed her preferred name to 'Elizabeth Mitchell'.

This makes my gread-grandparents Felix T. Oglesby and Minervia Cotton 1st cousins.

28 Oct 2019 - Cited pages 1-77 of Records of The Vineyard Wests and Branches of The Family, 598 individuals.

30 Sep 2019 - Francis West of Duxbury (1606-1692) my 8th great-grandfather

Cited Francis West of Duxbury, Mass. and some of his descendants by Edward E. Cornwall (Boston, Massachusetts: Boston Historic Genealogical Society, 1906) pages 1-14, complete, 739 descendants adding probably 730 of them.

22 Sep 2019 Import

20 Sep 2019 - The Scroope Genealogy & Lighthouse Guide

I discovered The Scroope Genealogy & Lighthouse Guide was no longer on the world wide web but captures could be found on The Wayback Machine so I updated the links in my citations to point to the archives there.

11 Sep 2019 - The ancestry of my 5th great-grandmother Elizabeth West (____-____)
Wife of Alexander Spotswood Cotton (1711-1764)

Looking over the tree of an Ancestry 1st cousin DNA match I chanced across several genealogies of Francis West (1606-1692) of Martha's Vineyard. It appears this Francis West could have been the son of Francis West, Governor of Virginia but the sources I've found state that nothing definitive on this point could be found.

9 Sep 2019 - Alfred Thomas (1828-1894) husband of my ½2nd cousin Martha Ann Hoge (1825-1913)

Filled in Alfred's parents and grandparents.

26 Aug 2019 - The wives and children of my 4th cousin 3 times removed Thomas Hoge b. 1816 Greene County, Pennsylvania, died 1889 at Canton, Missouri.

25 Aug 2019 Import

18 Jul 2019 - Martha Batte, wife of great-granduncle William Farrar

According to The R. Bolling Batte Papers, Martha Batte who married William Farrar was the daughter of Thomas Batte & Temperance Brown. And so I have made her their daughter, and filled in some around her.

24 May 2019 - John Taylor Hoge (1846-1920), my 4th cousin 4 times removed.

Began adding his descendants.

16 May 2019 Import

3 Jan 2019 - James William McLain (1869-1932), husband of my 1st cousin 4 times removed Mary Jane Griffith

Merged James W. McClain, son of Zech D. Griffith & Mary Hughes, with James William McLain, husband of Mary Griffith (daughter of George Washington Griffith & Elizabeth Jane Sisk). This family was among those that migrated to Texas around 1898.

22 Dec 2018 Import

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