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Post Trial Brief of Defendant CMB 11535 11
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
Post Trial Brief of Defendant CMB 11535
July 07, 2004 - page 11

1 interpreted that to mean he can grow his own.

2 The San Bernardino Marijuana Eradication Force

3 says that law allows a person to cultivate marijuana if

4 he is using it for himself and not distributing it, but

5 they say the law is vague and the amount of pot that's

6 legal will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

7 Canada says he's done nothing wrong.

8 CRAIG CANADA: I'm within my rights in the law

9 and that nothing I have done is illegal.

10 MINA NGUYEN: What happens to innocent until

11 proven guilty? He has not gone to trial yet.

12 BONITA MILLARD: But I can evict some -- I was

13 told I can evict somebidy if I had cause.

14 MINA NGUYEN: Whether there is a cause or not

15 is not up to a judge to decide. His landlord says she

16 doesn't care.

17 BONITA MILLARD: I don't care if he smokes his

18 brains out, I really don't. But if it's illegal, I

19 don't want it on my property.

20 MINA NGUYEN: She says that she plans to fight

21 to evict him no matter what happens in court.

22 Mina Nguyen, News Channel 3.

23 ANNDEE LASKOE: And Canada is scheduled to

24 appear in court next month. His landlord says she

25 doesn't feel comfortable with him living on her

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