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Post Trial Brief of Defendant CMB 11535
July 07, 2004 - page 10

1 ANNDEE LASKOE: California voted to legalize

2 medicinal marijuana, but the use of marijuana is still

3 quite controversial. Tonight a Yucca Valley man says

4 he's being evicted from his apartment because he is a

5 medicinal marijuana patient.

6 News Channel 3's Mina Nquyen has a continuing

7 coverage of the story.

8 MINA NGUYEN: Craig Canada makes no bones

9 about it. He's a medical marijuana patient.

10 CRAIG CANADA: It normalizes me. And other

11 than that, I don't know how to describe it. I'm bipolar

12 and so I have drastic mood swings. I can -- on a dime.

13 MINA NGUYEN: He says when his mood changes

14 the marijuana helps him. Just this week Canada says he

15 found this eviction notice posted on his door. He

16 blames it on his use of marijuana. Last month Canada

17 was arrested for cultivating mariuana plants in this

18 apartment.

19 BONITA MILLARD: He had 20 plants growing in

20 there and the police told me that was illegal to grow it

21 in San Bernardino, and that's why he -- that's why I'm

22 evicting him, legally evicting him.

23 MINA NGUYEN: In 1996, California passed

24 Proposition 215 which gave patients the right to use

25 marijuana for medicinal purposes. Canada says he

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