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HUD/DFEH Complaint
Cover Letter Pre-Complaint Questionnaire 5
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
Cover Letter Pre-Complaint Questionnaire
January 16, 2004 - page 5

California Department of Fair Employment and Housing
Pre-Complaint Questionnaire - Housing

January 9th, When Bonita gets home she beats on my windows and screams, "Get out of my house you son of a bitch before something happens, you son of a bitch. You god damned deadbeat." I have an audio recording of this.

January 12th, When I get home the light I left on has been switched off and unscrewed. I call the sheriff. He tells me Bonita tells him I'm nuts and imagining things.

Knowing I'm bi-polar, knowing I don't have my medicine, knowing I'm already stressed to the max. She has beat on my windows and screamed at me numerous times. She comes in when I'm not here (I've been living in a backpack, taking everything I must have with me when I leave and keeping everything important in the trunk). I must spend money I can't afford now to drive twenty miles to do laundry and to to the store very couple of days. She has kept me so busy dealing with her attempts to illegally evict me, and the harassment, that I haven't had time to do anything else, like find somewhere else to live. I have no distraction except the computer since she disconnected the cable, and sit here in silence all day and night. I don't enter or leave my apartment without the cassette recorder running to protect myself should she try to stage another scene and have me arrested again. I don't dare leave the audio cassettes, or anything else, in my apartment. I worry about drugs being planted in my apartment.

Because of my disability and the medicine it requires she kicked my life to pieces on Thanksgiving and has tried to destroy me ever since.

J. Craig Canada

J. Craig Canada 4 of 5 1-16-2004

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