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HUD/DFEH Complaint
Cover Letter Pre-Complaint Questionnaire 4
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HUD/DFEH Complaint
Cover Letter Pre-Complaint Questionnaire
January 16, 2004 - page 4

California Department of Fair Employment and Housing
Pre-Complaint Questionnaire - Housing

December 7th, I see and hear Rose and Bonita outside. They put a ladder in front of my door (so I can't go in our out) and begin hammering. When I ask them what they are doing rose replies, "It's her house she can do whatever she wants." Bonita says, "Don't talk to him, he's a kook."

December 7th, When I return that night the light I left on inside my apartment is not on. I discover the bulb has been unscrewed.

December 8th, Rose demands I move my car so she can park where it is. Rose says, "You don't pay your rent" (My rent was still paid at this point, through the 10th). Rose says, "You live off the system" – so she is prejudiced against me because I'm disabled. An hour or so later Bonita gets home and threatens to tow my car. I call the sheriff (Dep. Niles responds) who informs them that to tow a car designated parking must be posted 72 hours in advance. While Niles is present Bonita yells at me, "You must be manic. Do you think you own this place?" She also tells Niles that she wants me out because I'm bi-polar.

December 9th, When I got home from the store she came out and stood between the gate and the door and began by telling me not to leave my lights on or she'd have to do something about it (I leave my lights on and the blinds open hoping to keep her out of here ... yeah right, when I got home Sunday she and unscrewed the bulb).

Anyway, when she started screaming at me, telling me she was going to throw my stuff out on the street and to get the fuck out of here (I got some of it on tape - her screaming "You son of a bitch!", I have the cassette ready always and never go outside without it on in my backpack) I went to the Circle K, called the sheriff, and about 1/2 hour later met deputy Lang (or Long) and had him escort me into my apartment. My rent is still paid at this point, through the 10th...

December 14th, Bonita bangs on my door. When I open the inner door she says, "Craig, when are you leaving? Do you think you can stay in my house forever?" I tell her I'm doing everything I can to get out and to quit harassing me. She holds up a blue cassette recorder that she's been hiding under her arm and says, "Now I've got you on tape."

December 17th, Bonita leaves a message on my voicemail telling me a neighbor saw me doing my laundry on her back porch FOUR DAYS AGO and that if I do it again she will have me arrested for 'breaking and entering'.

I have been in a constant state of panic attack at this point, trembling most of the time.

December 18th, When Bonita gets home she beats on my windows, screams obscenities at me, and eventually unlocks my doors and tries to force her way inside the apartment.

She screams, while beating on my windows, "Call the police because I want them down here so I can have your ass arrested. Call them Craig. you were seen on my back porch 4 days ago. And you know that that is off limits to you. Call the police Craig. Craig, call the police. Hey pussy, call the police. Look at you! You are such a wimp..."

I (finally) manage to get a good audio recording which I play for Deputy Warfield when he arrives. After he talks to her, the harassment subsides, for a while.

December 26th, Joe knocks. I think he has a cassette recorder hidden under his arm. He asks me when I'm leaving and tells me Bonita has someone who wants to move in here. I have a recording of this conversation.

J. Craig Canada 4 of 5 1-16-2004

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