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HUD/DFEH Complaint
Cover Letter Pre-Complaint Questionnaire 3
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
Cover Letter Pre-Complaint Questionnaire
January 16, 2004 - page 3

California Department of Fair Employment and Housing
Pre-Complaint Questionnaire - Housing

  • She has not made accommodation for my disability as required by law.

    Firstly, by not accommodating my medical needs – when I tried to declare the grow lights medical equipment to save on the electric, or by getting a separate meter. Or by even letting me see the electric bills so I could calculate how much they cost. The last time I asked her was when i agreed to pay $125/month per utilities ($25 more), and this was in front of Rose the first time she was here.

    Secondly, by using it to attempt to have me evicted rather than give me legal and appropriate notice to vacate.

    Thirdly, after I've been jailed and robbed and traumatized, she has done everything she can think of to keep me in a constant state of panic and anxiety – She has made it impossible for me to do anything. She has tried to drive me nuts and into the streets, I presume.

    I have been so busy enduring, dealing with, and recovering from her harassment that I haven't been able or had time to do anything else. And she has caused me to have to spend hundreds of dollars I wouldn't normally spend. Just for instance, I spent over $50 on ink cartridges so I could print this. After copying costs; and the ink cartridges, and postage, and gasoline, just filing this will probably cost me $100 ... And then there's the destruction of my supply of medicine for a year, or longer.

When I returned home on December 1st (I'd been home maybe a couple of hours) she bangs on my door, unlocks my security door, and when I open the inner door and tell her I have nothing to say to her she bangs on my windows and screams, "Get out of my house!" and "I'm going to call the sheriff and I hope he puts you in jail again." over and over and over. Even though my rent is paid through the 10th, I find a 3-day pay-or-quit the next day, and receive one in the mail the next. I'm told by Bill Peterson (Inland Counties legal Services) these are invalid.

December 2nd, she has the neighbor Bill disconnect my cable hook-up.

December 4th, I interview with KESQ. When I get home at 3:54pm, Bonita is home early. She comes outside as I go in and screams at me, "You fat fucking faggot, wait till you see the news tonight. You're going to get it. I'm going to get you." On the news she says she's evicting me because I have 20 plants and the sheriff told her marijuana was illegal in San Bernardino County and she could evict me because I'm a medical marijuana patient. I have a copy of this.

December 5th, 1:16pm, as Bonita leaves she screams, "Get out of my house."

December 6th, Bonita bangs on my door, when i answer she tells me she's going to have me evicted for 'violence' and that when they come I won't be able to take anything with me. She dances in front of my door singing, "Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you." She is clearly attempting to incite me to violence. She tells me I can't receive my mail at the house mailbox anymore.

J. Craig Canada 3 of 5 1-16-2004

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