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HUD/DFEH Complaint
Cover Letter Pre-Complaint Questionnaire 2
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
Cover Letter Pre-Complaint Questionnaire
January 16, 2004 - page 2

California Department of Fair Employment and Housing
Pre-Complaint Questionnaire - Housing

What happened is that when I saw Rose had completely moved in (the phone man needed to come into my bedroom that morning to install Rose's phone, and I had received no notice whatever) I tried to discuss with Bonita that she was giving keys out to all these people that gave them access to my apartment: the neighbors Bill & Penny, her boyfriend Emilio (Joe) Contreras, and now this roommate, Rose Baker ... and when I tried to discuss this with Bonita she started screaming at me. She screamed, "It's my house and I'll do whatever I damn well please!" When I tried to go in my apartment to get away from her she stood pressed against my door blocking my access and screamed at me until i began to have anxiety attacks – until I began to tremble. Rose Baker, her new roommate, witnessed this. AFter Rose came out to see what was happening Bonita began to scream, "He's crazy! Look at his eyes! He's crazy! He's going to attack me!..."

For a detailed account of what transpired that afternoon and night of November 25th, see Attachment E: statement – 1st encounter, and Attachment F: statement – 2nd encounter.

  • She used my disability to stage a scene where I appeared frightening to other people when, in fact, I was the one terrified and being abused. And she used the stigma of bi-polar disorder to make others believe the lies she told regarding me and my behavior.

There is the issue of my disability here, and the medicine it requires as well (she was on prime time news – KESQ – saying she was evicting me because I was growing medical marijuana and the sheriffs told her it was illegal – I have a copy of this). the issue being that she used my disability and the medicine it require to have me jailed rather than give me the required 60-day notice. (I was told 60 days by Bill Peterson of Inland Counties Legal Services. He said since I've been here over a year I'm entitled to 60-days notice with or without a lease.)

  • Rather than give me the required notice, she used my disability (and the medicine it requires) to attempt a quick & cheap eviction by making a false report to the sheriffs (and counting on them to believe it because of my specific disability and also because of the medicine it requires), by telling them I was screaming and threatening her and am bi-polar and growing medical marijuana.

My guess is she hoped I would still be in jail and she could execute an unlawful detainer, and probably a writ of possession and steal everything I had while in jail and couldn't do anything about it. This has happened to me before ... and I've told her about it, which makes this particularly malicious ...

...She saw me begin to tremble the day I looked at the place (a year and a half ago) and wrote the first check. I remember saying, "I'm fine, I just need to get out of where I am ..." And she probably saw my eyes roll back in my head then, as I focused to control the trembling...

...but as it was, a friend used his personal savings to bail me out. $10,000 from his personal savings. I was out of jail by the 27th, came home for a co0uple of hours, had Thanksgiving dinner with friends and spend 5 days with them; preparing statements and getting over the initial trauma of being raided and going to jail thinking i had just lost everything, including the cat, on Thanksgiving.

When I returned home, on the 1st of December, Bonita resumed her campaign of terror, knowing I'm bi-polar and that not only have I been through an extremely traumatic experience (which she caused) but an mow without my medicine (thanks to her). And it has continued, with little interruption to the present.

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