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Trial Transcript CMB 11535 5
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Trial Transcript CMB 11535
July 07, 2004 - page 5


l MS. ROMANO: Your Honor, I'd like to move to strike

2 all of the defendant's testimony that did not have to do with

3 his conversation with Ms. Millard on that day.

4 THE COURT: A little late. Why didn't you object

5 at the time? As far as I'm concerned you waived that.

6 MS. ROMANO: Okay.

7 MR. MOORE: With that, your Honor, I have no more

8 questions for Mr. Canada.

9 THE COURT: Counsel, cross.




13 Q. Mr. Canada the document that was just shown to you

14 by counsel -

15 MR. MOORE: I believe we're in the process of

16 marking it.

17 MS. ROMANO: Why don't we wait and see what number

18 it is just so we can clarify the record.

19 THE COURT: Go ahead. Next in order is what?

20 THE CLERK: 3.

21 Q. (BY MS. ROMANO) Mr. Canada, the document that was

22 just shown to you by your counsel marked as Defendant's

23 Exhibit 3, did you see anybody post it on your door?

24 A. Yes. Bonita Millard did.

25 Q. Was it not your testimony a couple minutes ago that

26 you came home and found it posted on your door? Is that

27 different than this testimony here?

28 A. If I said that, it's incorrect because I was just

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