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Morongo Valley
Trial Transcript CMB 11535 3
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Trial Transcript CMB 11535
July 07, 2004 - page 3


1 Q. Can you read for me what the yellow sticky note

2 says?

3 A. This will be sent to newspapers and posted on the

4 Internet and this is underlined. Then it says "Just the

5 beginning," and that's double underlined.

6 Q. That yellow sticky note was also on the letter

7 which was on your door when you came home on April 23rd?

8 A. That's correct.

9 Q. Thereafter, did you ever have a chance to speak to

10 Ms. Millard about that letter?

11 A. No. I assumed -- no, I didn't.

12 Q. Al1 right. Then thereafter, on or about May 9th

13 was there an occasion on which you were outside watering your

14 plants?

15 A. Yes, there was.

16 Q. Were you approached by Ms. Millard?

17 A. Yes, I was.

18 Q. Did a conversation take place between of the two of

19 you?

20 A. She screamed, "Is that marijuana?" And I said

21 nothing. I said nothing the whole time as a matter of fact.

22 I understand his name, her nephew, John said that it was.

23 Would you like me to -

24 Q. Tell us what you remember of the dialogue, if you

25 can.

26 A. Well, she said she was going to call the sheriffs.

27 The three of them were out on their back porch and she was

28 screaming at me. I do remember -- she was pacing back and

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