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Trial Transcript CMB 11535 16
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Trial Transcript CMB 11535
July 07, 2004 - page 16


1 that letter and article to the window of Mr. Canada?

2 A. Okay. My purpose in taping it was to give him

3 evidence: I guess, to show what marijuana -- how it affects

4 people who already have the same problems, how it exacerbates

5 the problems that they have in a mental illness from my

6 research.

7 Q. And you were angry with him because he used medical

8 marijuana?

9 A. No, I'm not angry with him because he used medical

10 marijuana. That is not the reason I'm angry with him.

11 Q. You wanted to evict him because was using medical

12 marijuana.

13 (MS. ROMANO) Objection. Asked and answered.

14 THE COURT: Sustained.

15 THE WITNESS: Answer?


17 Q. (BY MR. MOORE) The yellow note, what's the last

18 thing you said on the yellow sticky note?

19 A. Just the beginning.

20 Q. What did you mean by just the beginning''?

21 A. I meant that I plan to write to senators, write to

22 people and tell them how I believe we had been duped on that

23 issue, how everybody I talked to that voted for it was duped

24 on the issue. That's what I meant by "just the beginning." I

25 think that's my right.

26 Q. You posted that letter and article on Mr. Canada's

27 window on or about April 23rd?

28 A. I don't recall dates. I'm very bad on dates unless

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