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Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Trial Transcript CMB 11535
July 07, 2004 - page 15


l of marijuana.

2 Q. (BY MR. MOORE) So people who have a mental illness

3 should be allowed to use medical marijuana?

4 MS. ROMANO: Objection on the basis it goes way

5 beyond her scope of knowledge.

6 THE COURT: That's what she said, that's her belief,

7 but she's the one that's confusing us and he just cleared it

8 up.

9 THE WITNESS: My belief is people Who have mental

10 illness, I don't believe that marijuana is for people is who

11 have mental illnesses.

12 Q. (BY MR. MOORE) Okay. Do you have any reason to

13 dispute that Mr. Canada is bipolar?

14 A. I only have his word that he says he is.

15 Q. Would you agree with me that that's a mental

16 illness?

17 A. That's what I hear.

18 Q. It's your belief that the medical marijuana law

19 should not be used by people like Mr. Canada with a mental

20 illness?

21 A. Yes, it is my belief.

22 Q. So you sent him that letter and taped it on his

23 window saying this is an example of Californians being duped

24 by the medical marijuana law?

25 MS. ROMANO: Objection.

26 THE COURT: You made a statement. You didn't ask a

27 question.

28 Q. (BY Mr. MOORE) What Was your purpose in taping

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