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Trial Transcript CMB 11535 14
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Trial Transcript CMB 11535
July 07, 2004 - page 14


l Q. You taped it to his window?

2 A. Over the posters that he had out.

3 Q. Why did you tape -- what is that letter consist of?

4 A. What is it about? Yeah. It's about how

5 Californians were duped on the medical marijuana issue.

6 Q. Is that your belief? You believe?

7 A. Yes, it is. I voted for the marijuana issue. I

8 even helped pass out to get elected. I assumed it was for

9 seriously ill people who had AIDS, cancer, who had glaucoma.

10 People who were seriously ill and not for bipolar people.

11 That is my belief.

12 Q. That's fair. So you think the medical marijuana

13 law is okay, but not for people like Mr. Canada who are

14 bipolar?

15 MS. ROMANO: I object on relevancy, your Honor.

16 THE COURT: No. I'm going to let her answer. Go

17 ahead.

18 THE WITNESS: Well, I did some extensive research

19 on bipolar and on marijuana and the effects of marijuana.

20 THE COURT: Wait a minute. The question was do you

21 believe it does not apply to Mr. Canada.

22 THE WITNESS: Does not?

23 THE COURT: Does not.

24 THE WITNESS: My belief applies to anybody who has

25 a mental illness. That's my belief.

26 THE COURT: Does not?

27 THE WITNESS: My belief does apply, Yes, to anybody

28 who has a mental illness what I believe because of the effects

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