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Trial Transcript CMB 11535 7
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Trial Transcript CMB 11535
June 09, 2004 - page 7


1 Q. Did he provide these to you?

2 A. He provided a prescription to use marijuana. He

3 never provided that statement. He showed me a prescription

4 that a doctor gave him to use marijuana. I never saw this

5 statement.

6 A. Are you aware of the fact that the district

7 attorney down the hall in this courtroom charged Mr. Canada

8 with a crime?

9 A. That they charged him with a crime?

10 Q. Right.

11 A. No, I am not aware of that. I know that they

12 confiscated all his plants because they said it is illegal

13 in San Bernardino.

14 Q. Are you aware of the fact that the San Bernardino

15 District Attorney dismissed the case because there was no

16 basis upon which to proceed? Are you aware of that fact?

17 A. I'm aware of the fact that they kept all his

18 plants. They didn't give him his plants back.

19 MR. MOORE: Your Honor, I note that we don't have

20 a video - - or maybe I would like to review or have the

21 Court consider what is an excerpt from a local news agency

22 that interviewed Ms. Millard in which in the interview she

23 states the only reason she is proceeding on the eviction is

24 because of Mr. Canada's use of marijuana and cultivation of

25 marijuana plants.

26 THE COURT: But that is not what she thought. In

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