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Morongo Valley
Trial Transcript CMB 11535 6
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Trial Transcript CMB 11535
June 09, 2004 - page 6


1 Q. If there were other reasons why you were going to

2 evict him other than his cultivation of marijuana plants

3 how come you did not list those in a 60-day notice or

4 provide him any written documentation of that fact?

5 A. I was counseled that I could serve a 60-day notice

6 and I did not have to have any reason as long as I gave a

7 tenant a 60-day notice to leave the premises.

8 Q. And you remember being here in court before on a

9 prior unlawful detainer when you told his Honor that you

10 wanted to evict Mr. Canada because he was growing marijuana

11 plants?

12 A. I had a hearing problem at that time, and I did

13 not have this hearing assistance and I did not hear all that

14 was going on. I never wanted to evict Mr. Canada solely

15 because he was growing marijuana. I wanted to evict him

16 because of his behavior towards me which has been happening

17 a number of times. It happened six months after he moved

18 into my home. And at that time I told him he was not to

19 treat me that way again or I would have to have him leave.

20 Q. Mr. Canada has provided to you, on prior

21 occasions, physician's statements indicating that he is

22 authorized to use -- to grow and use marijuana under the

23 compassionate -- what is the name of that? -- the Medicinal

24 Marijuana Act? He provided these to you before. Correct?

25 A. It doesn't Matter. It's illegal in San Bernardino

26 county.

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