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Trial Transcript CMB 11535 5
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Trial Transcript CMB 11535
June 09, 2004 - page 5


1 growing plants?

2 A. No.

3 Q. But you served him a three-day notice because he

4 was growing marijuana plants?

5 A. Because the police told me at that time it was

6 illegal for him to grow it in San Bernardino. And I did not

7 want my house to be in jeopardy from someone growing illegal

8 drugs on my property.

9 Q. And so you decided to try and evict him because he

10 was growing those plants?

11 A. That was not the only reason. There was two

12 reasons on there. The one was because of his abuse of me

13 and the other was because of the plants.

14 Q. So you'd agree with me that the first time you

15 filed an unlawful detainer was in part because he grew

16 marijuana plants?

17 A. In part.

18 Q. Okay.

19 A. According to the police's advice.

20 Q. And now you're here in court in part because he

21 continues to grow marijuana plants?

22 A. No. I'm here in part because I served a 60-day

23 notice because I want the apartment back. I have my nephew

24 and my sister living with me and I need the apartment

25 because my house is not big enough. And I have served him a

26 legal 60-day notice which I was advised by the court to do.

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