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Trial Transcript CMB 11535 4
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Trial Transcript CMB 11535
June 09, 2004 - page 4


l forth talking on the cell phone, and I assume, calling the

2 sheriffs. She said she wanted them to know there was a dope

3 addict living next door. You know, quite honestly, I do not

4 remember. I didn't say a word the whole time. She said -

5 she sent the neighbor, Bill to call the sheriffs. He was in

6 his driveway. She screamed at him to call the sheriffs. I

7 believe he ignored her. In fact, I think she called the

8 sheriffs because she couldn't get anyone to do it, but that's

9 all I can remember of the conversation right now.

10 THE COURT: Hold it second, Counsel. Mr. Bouzane,

11 come forward.

12 (The Court heard other matters on the calendar.)

13 THE COURT: Go ahead. Counsel.

14 MR. MOORE: Thank you, your Honor. I'd like to ask

15 for the letter to be moved into evidence. I've shown it to

16 opposing counsel.

17 THE COURT; Objections?

18 MS. ROMANO: No objections.

19 THE COURT: It will be received. What's it marked

20 as now?

21. MR. MOORE: I don't think I you've marked it. I

22 lost track of the exhibits we've marked. I apologize.

23 THE COURT: It needs to be marked next in order.

24 (Defendant's Exhibit 3 was

25 marked for identification.)

26 (Defendant's Exhibit 3 was

27 received into evidence.)

28 MR. MOORE: With that your Honor --

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