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Trial Transcript CMB 11396 3
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Trial Transcript CMB 11396
February 17, 2004 - page 3
1 THE COURT: Did you have a rental agreement with

2 Mr. Canada?

3 MS. MILLARD: Verbal.

4 THE COURT: What was the amount of rent?

5 MS. MILLARD: I'm sorry?

6 THE COURT: What Was the amount of rent?

7 MS. MILLARD: 510 a month.

8 THE COURT: Why did you say 385 on your complaint?

9 MS. MILLARD: 385? Well, it was 485 -- it was 385

10 plus $100 for utilities but I raised it $25 because the

11 utilities went up because of his activities in the apartment.

12 THE COURT: Well, 385 still does not make it 510.

13 MS. MILLARD: Yeah.

14 THE COURT: So this is not based on a failure to

15 pay rent?


17 MS. MILLARD: Okay. What is the basis for issuing

18 the three-day notice?

19 MS. Millard: The basis first, is because of his

20 verbal abuse, and his shaking his fist at me and screaming

21 and hollering at me. I called the police, and then they came

22 down and found 28 marijuana plants growing in his apartment.

23 They told me about it, and they arrested him. I don't want

24 that much marijuana growing in my apartment. I don't want it

25 growing on my property.

26 THE COURT: Well, I can understand that.

27 But where is the agreement that he can't do

28 anything such as that on your property?


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