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Felony Cultivation
Search Warrant Affidavit in Support 6
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Search Warrant Affidavit in Support
November 25, 2003 - page 6



Your affiant, Donald Dougan, is and has been a duly authorized Deputy Sheriff for the County of San Bernardino since April of 1990 and is currently assigned to the Narcotics Division. Your affiant's duties are investigations of crimes including the investigation of various offenses including robbery, burglary, petty theft, assault and battery, vehicle and narcotic violations. In the past your affiant has authored approximately 25 search warrants for drug related offenses.

Your affiant has attended the Sheriff's Basic Academy and holds a Basic and Intermediate P.O.S.T. Certificate. Your affiant has attended regular in service and specialized training classes in the identification of controlled substances, weapons, and their use, evidence collection and burglary investigationsl Your affiant has attended a basic Narcotic Officer 80-hour course of instruction by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Your affiant is a certified Drug Recognition Expert for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Depratment. Your affaint has been involved in over 150 arrests for under the influence, possession and possession for sales of controlled substances and has testified in court as a witness in such cases. Your affiant has aloso over 500 hours of specialoized training in the area of narcotic interdiction. Your affiant has also attended a specialized training class in the identification and investigation of the manufacturing of controlled substances.

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