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Felony Cultivation
Return of Property Motion 2
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Return of Property Motion
May 07, 2004 - page 2

1 There was not probable cause for the issuance of the war-

2 rant.

3 There was any other violation of federal or state constitu-

4 tional standards.

5 The motion is also made on the grounds that possession was

6 not prohibited by law, nor were the items used in the commission

7 of a crime.¹

8 The motion will be based on this notice of motion, on the

9 memorandum of points and authorities served and filed herewith,

19 on the transcript of the preliminary examination, on such sup-

11 plemental memoranda of points and authorities as may be filed

12 hereafter with the court, and on such oral argument as may be

13 presented at the hearing on this motion.

14 The items sought to be returned include:

15 1. Marijuana

16 2. Miscellaneous papers

17 a. Growing

18 b. Arrest

19 c. Flyers

20 d. All other personal papers

21 3. Paraphernalia

22 a. Pipe

23 b. Screens

24 c. Roller

25 d. Packaging

26 e. Seeds


¹ People v. Lamonte (1997) 53 Cal. App. 4th 544

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Defendant's Motion for Return of Property

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