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Morongo Valley
Felony Cultivation
Preliminary Hearing Trial Transcript 8
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Preliminary Hearing Trial Transcript
February 18, 2004 - page 8
1 Q What did you do next pursuant to your search?

2 A After we completed the search I collected the

3 suspected marijuana and evidence related to.

4 Q Could you describe for the court the process you

5 went about in collecting that evidence.

6 A Yes. First, the suspected marijuana and related

7 items, including dominion and control for the residence,

8 were photographed with 35 millimeter film. I then

9 personally marked five envelopes that were approximately

10 three-by-five labeled A, B, C, D, and E.

11 I then went to the closet where I took a random

12 sample from the plants in the closet and placed that

13 sample from different plants in A, B, C, D, and E. Sealed

14 those.

15 I also collected samples from the eight plants

16 in the bedroom which were included in the five random

17 samples.

18 Eventually the samples were, correction, what

19 was left was placed into one large bag. That suspected

20 marijuana was eventually sent to sheriff's crime lab where

21 it was used for analysis, and lab results showed it was

22 positive for the presence of cannabis.

23 MR. ADAMS: I want to get this marked as Exhibit No.

24 3, if I may. I am showing it to Attorney Sasnett now.

25 May I approach.

26 THE COURT: yes.

27 Q (BY MR. Adams:) Deputy I am showing you what

28 is marked as People's exhibit No. 3 for identification

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