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Morongo Valley
Felony Cultivation
Preliminary Hearing Trial Transcript 6
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Preliminary Hearing Trial Transcript
February 18, 2004 - page 6

1 plants to allow for direct lighting.

2 Q Did you find anything else in that northeast

3 corner bedroom or did you go elsewhere?

4 A Yes: I found statements of medical marijuana

5 usage stapled to the wall. Both the closet and the

6 bedroom.

7 Q Where did you go next in your search?

8 A Went to the kitchen area. Prior to entering the

9 kitchen, there is a small table next to the closet. Just

10 prior to entering the kitchen there I observed a moisture

11 meter, which you place in the pot to, in a potted plant

12 to tell you the moisture, and I believe there was a PH

13 gauge also laying on that table.

14 From there I went into the kitchen where I

15 observed several brand name plant food enhancers on the

16 kitchen table.

17 Q Did you see any other marijuana in the kitchen

18 table or the table?

19 A Not in the kitchen, no.

20 Q Where did you go next?

21 A To the, back to the living room area, where a

22 search of a desk located on the south wall of the

23 residence was conducted.

24 Q What did you find in there?

25 A Inside the desk drawer to the far left I found

26 a container. I believe it was Stater Brothers brand

27 plastic container approximately one pint or one quart,

26 and it had marijuana leaves in it.

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