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Morongo Valley
Felony Cultivation
Preliminary Hearing Trial Transcript 5
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Preliminary Hearing Trial Transcript
February 18, 2004 - page 5
1 closet, what did you observe next?

2 Q I was directed to the bedroom area also located

3 in the south, correction, I guess that would be the

4 northeast corner of the residence. The only bedroom in

5 that north, correction, the southeast corner of that

6 bedroom there appeared to be approximately eight to ten

7 mature green leafy plants consistent with that of

8 marijuana.

9 Q Let me back up a little bit.

10 Your first observations of the closet did you

11 see anything in there to indicate that those plants were

12 being grown in there?

13 A Yes.

14 Q What did you see?

15 A There was fluorescent lights rigged up on the

16 inside of the closet to allow light. There was shiny

17 metallic-type material on the inside of the closet for

18 reflection of that fluorescent false lighting. There was

19 potting material, potted plants, that was inside the

20 closet.

21 Q Based on your training and experience was what

22 you observed consistent with the cultivation of marijuana?

23 A Yes.

24 Q Did you see similar things as it related to the

25 bedroom, or did you just see the plants?

26 A There was large lighting, large grow lights and

27 ballasts, two of them, present in the bedroom. They were

28 fashioned in a way to hang over the top of the potted

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