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Felony Cultivation
Preliminary Hearing Trial Transcript 13
Felony Cultivation
HUD/DFEH Complaint
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Preliminary Hearing Trial Transcript
February 18, 2004 - page 13
1 A Yeah they appear to be from the same doctor.

2 Q Does the document in Exhibit 1 list a patient's

3 name, upper left-hand corner?

4 A Yes.

5 Q Who is that?

6 A The name on the paper says "Craig Canada" with

7 date of birth of March 7, '55

8 Q Did you determine the birth date of Jeffrey

9 Canada who was arrested during the service of the search

10 warrant?

11 A I am sure I did.

12 Q Do you know what that was?

13 A I would have to look at my report.

14 Q Would that refresh your -

15 MR. ADAMS: We would be willing to stipulate for

16 preliminary hearing purposes that the person described in

17 those two exhibits is Mr. Canada.

18 THE COURT: Accept the stipulation?

19 MR. SASNETT: YEs, I'll stipulate.

20 Q (BY MR. SASNETT) Deputy Dougan, are these fair

21 and accurate copies of the documents that you saw posted

22 at the scene where you served the search warrant?

23 Exhibit 1, specifically?

24 A I believe so yes.

25 MR. SASNETT: Your Honor, I would move Exhibit 1

26 into evidence at this time.

27 THE COURT: Objection?

28 MR. ADAMS: I do and I don't your Honor.

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