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Since discovering this wealth of information, we're questioning our lineage from John J Canada and his first wife M Jenkins. You suggest he's adopted but I'm not finding any sources to back that up. It does sort of explain the many different name spellings, Kennedy one year and Cannady the next!

J. Craig Canada Send E-mail Saturday, 27 February 2021 14:44
I'm tempted to chide you for not bothering to look before you leap. At the end of his entry are copious notes clearly attributed to his son, my Uncle Pat, in which the story is outlined in some detail. I did a Hell of a lot more than suggest.

Felix Oglesby had a pool hall on the Talladega town square across the street from the courthouse...go back to the entry and read those notes.

I grew up knowing the story and so did pretty much all of Talladega and the surrounding counties so far as I know.

I could mention many anecdotes... my Aunt Mae told me the Oglesbys asked her to come live with them and she said she declined. She was happy in the log cabin with her siblings and didn't want to leave it for a big fine house and all the trappings... and there was mention of it being researched in hopes of legal claim to an inheritance but I don't know who's inheritance and it was established there was no legal claim...

Minervia's mother had several illegitimate children by George Parish Plowman, who was mayor... and the two of them are explicitly mentioned as the parents of at least one of their children on the birth certificate.

— I just looked over those notes and see there is no mention that Raymond used his shotgun to persuade Felix to marry Minervia.
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