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Thomas Carter of “Barford” who married Catherine Dale died in 1700, so it is unlikely that he was the youngest son of Ancell Carter, born in 1591. Dollye McALister Elliot, associate editor of the Colonial Genealogist, researched the records in London and found Ancell Carter’s will. It listed his sons but none named Thomas. Sha also found Ancell’s son George’s will in which he lists all of his brothers with no mention of a Thomas. She then examined the original 1634 Visitation in London manuscript at the British Museum (which was the purported source of the list of family members that included Thomas) and found that, in fact, it did not list Thomas as a son of Anscell Carter.

Jeff Carter Send E-mail Monday, 13 June 2016 22:12
Fantastic site! The Thomas Carter (1610-1658) who tried to purchase 800 acres "Eastermost branch of Corotoman River" was Colonel John Carter’s brother who arrived with him on the ship “Safety” in 1635. Thomas never actually paid for the land, instead taking a mortgage from his brother. The entire transaction was voided by the Jamestown Court on 10 December 1656 when the court ruled that the rightful heir to the land was John Jackson, nephew of Captain Brocas, whose widow John Carter had married.

Jeff Carter Send E-mail Monday, 13 June 2016 22:27
The Thomas Carter who tried to buy 560 acres from George Marsh was also Col. John Carter’s brother and the probable father of Thomas Carter of “Barford” who married Katherine Dale. Thomas Carter did not pay George Marsh for the land because he died before the payment date. At probate, the land was clearly documented as the land Thomas Carter (Deceased) had bought from George Marsh but “Had refused to pay” (because he was dead). The court reverted the land back to George Marsh who then sold it to Col. John Carter (see Lancaster Deed Book # 2, p. 209).

Jeff Carter Send E-mail Monday, 13 June 2016 22:49
The Thomas Carter who patented 220 acres in 1661 was Capt. Thomas Carter, the son of William Carter of Surry. This 220 acres was the Vintner’s Company’s land, part of Epaphroditus Lawson’s holdings that John Carter and Bartholomew Hoskins put together back in the 1640s (Nugent, Vol. 1, pp. 135, 151, 387); and this was a re-patent set up by John Carter. After Capt. Thomas Carter of Surry temporarily moved to Lancaster to serve as Judge, John Carter had the land declared deserted and re-patented it again in 1665 to Edward Carter (Nugent, Vol. 1, p. 480). None of these lands could have been the original Barford plantation.
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