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1673) Mike Ashmore  Male
Chadds Ford, PA
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Wednesday, 9 September 2020 12:52 Send E-mail

I descend from John Garner of Northumberland County and his wife Susanna Keene. I’ve read everything I can find on John, and I often see references to a deposition in 1663 in which he reportedly stated that he was 30 years of age or thereabouts. Often the record of the deposition is documented as coming from Northumberland Record Book 15 Page 102. Unfortunately, I looked at the images of that Record Book that are online at FamilySearch, and try as I may I can’t find that deposition. The Record Book isn’t in great shape, and it’s hard to read, but I’m very sure that the deposition isn’t on page 102 or anywhere else on the images relating to 1663.

Does anyone by any chance have a copy of the source record or know the correct citation? If not, might you have any contact info for someone who can help me out?

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