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1636) Sharon Lawson  Female
Northern California
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Friday, 21 December 2018 10:37 Send E-mail

I am amazed by your research. It’s absolutely fascinating! We have a common 16th great grandfather William Gunter. Also, in common, Richard I the Fearless (31), Richard II, the good (30), through Adeliza (29) of Normandy. Her child Sir Peter Gunter, Duke of Burgundy, appears to be the 1st to use the Gunter surname. Also said to have been with his 1st cousin William the Conqueror, during the Norman invasion of Wales in 1066.
I didn’t see it in your list but Richard the fearless father was William Longsword and his father the infamous Viking Rollo. I’m looking forward to chatting. I’ve just discovered this info and would be interested to know if I’m also descended from Robert the Bruce.

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