Gay Marriage - CA Proposition 8

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Gay Marriage - CA Proposition 8

Postby palmspringsbum » Mon Aug 25, 2008 6:16 pm

<table class=posttable align=right><tr><td class=postcell><img class=postimg src= title="Portia of The West, Clara Shortridge Foltz"></td></tr></table>I oppose Proposition 8, the Constitutional Amendment to eliminate the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples.

The California Constitution prohibits discrimination based on sex. That is how I see the issue; as discrimination based on the sex of the individuals involved in the contract; as prohibiting entering a marriage agreement or contract based on the -gender- of the individuals.

The people who argue that gays are promiscuous and don't form lasting or committed relationships are the same people against allowing gays to marry. The government and society should be doing everything it can to foster and support committed gay relationships, not everything it can to tear them apart.

Coincidently, I recently discovered in my genealogy research that J. P. Hoge is my 3rd cousin 5 times removed. I mean the Joseph Pendleton Hoge that was founding chairman of the board of directors of Hastings School of Law and president of The California Constitutional Convention of 1878-79, which drafted the Constitution in use today. He was also the Hoge in “Foltz vs. Hoge, 54 Cal 28”, Clara Foltz's Suit against Hastings which resulted in (admittedly a somewhat round-about way) “No person shall, on account of sex, be disqualified to enter upon and pursue any lawful business, avocation, or profession.” becoming a part of the California Constitution. So I have a ... personal ... interest in the matter.

If this interests you please see my genealogy: ... ee=Legends

Hastings School of Law, “Clara Foltz: Pioneer in the Law”: ... foltz.html

J. P. Hoge's granddaughter Antoinette (my 5th cousin 3 times removed) appeared on the 1930 census as the “partner” of Hope Bingham at 1826 Whitley Avenue in Los Angeles. The household consisted of Hope E. Bingham, “head”, 56, widow married at 18, “no occupation”; Clark, “son”, 25, artist; Eleanor, “daughter”, 20, dancer; and Antoinette Hoge Delmas, “partner”, 56, “no occupation”. There was also a lesbian couple next door who declared themselves partners to the census taker, in 1930. So you see, my family has had more than a passing interest in all this for a very long time.
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