My Qualifications

My issues and positions in the campaign for city council 4 Nov 08.

My Qualifications

Postby palmspringsbum » Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:28 pm

<table class=posttable align=right width=300><tr><td class=postcell><img class=postimg src= width=300></td></tr></table>Most of my career was spent in accounting. Not so much as an accountant as a technician. My title at Price Waterhouse was "Analyst" and I functioned as a Systems Analyst/MIS Department. This was in their offices at 555 California in San Francisco from about 1984-1986. In a similar capacity I did cost accounting, performance, budget, and etc. for the Financial Planning Department of Sohio Construction for a couple of years before being hired by Price Waterhouse. They built the North Slope and Prudhoe Bay oil facilities, and that was what I was hired to work on. All the numbers for that - man-hours, boiler-plates, four-cycle budget - were seen and analyzed by yours truly.

That was a project of some considerable ... well, thinking about it now I am somewhat impressed. Even if it was doing the Devil's work, as I'm sure some reading this will think.

I went into Price Watherhouse as a temp, probably based on my reputation from the Sohio project. They had a payroll program designed to print checks, and it wasn't working. It was the employee payroll. I fixed it, and they hired me. It was written in Basic as I recall, which I'd never used.

I did something similar at the Department of Fiscal Management (DOFM) for the University of California at Berkeley. This was a SQL database, which I'd never used. And they were missing $40 million dollars and couldn't figure out where it had gone. Well, it took me about three days to figure out what the problem was (most of it learning SQL), but after some initial 'reactions' to me and my questions I didn't dare mention what I'd found until they got someone else in there with more UMPH. Namely Catherine McLean, who, last I heard, was a consultant for Oracle and making a LOT of money.

While I did all the other, including producing financials and book-keeping and payroll, what I got paid to do more than anything else besides troubleshooting was cost accounting/performance analysis and reporting.

<table class=posttable align=left><tr><td class=postcell><img class=postimg src="" title="That's me front and center, in the middle, facing sideways."></td></tr></table>I suffered from a mood disorder which was diagnosed as a psychiatric disability in 1998. After I had applied for disability I discovered that cannabis made my disorder manageable and became a medical marijuana patient.

I moved to Palm Springs thinking I could live on my disability benefit and provide for my medical needs (grow my own) undisturbed. This was not the case and I became the first person in San Bernardino County to have felony cultivation charges dismissed.

I subsequently stayed with friends in Hayward until I found a roommate situation in Brookdale which was too good to be true. Knowing before I ever interviewed that I was a medical marijuana patient, and that I had a website and it's address, they evicted me for possessing marijuana. And I became homeless in Santa Cruz.

I was homeless in Santa Cruz for 3 years. So I have very unique experience and qualifications for providing the city, and the city council, with a perspective that is needed if they are going to make laws regarding medical marijuana patients and the poor, the disabled, and the homeless.
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