Medical marijuana

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Medical marijuana

Postby palmspringsbum » Sat Aug 09, 2008 2:12 pm

Part of what inspires me was being able to go to The Club (The San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club) on more-or-less a daily basis and see, over time, the healing that took place. And to become, over time, part of a vibrant and powerful community.

It's been over ten years now since I've had that.

It's something everyone should have before they die.

I intend to make the restrictions The City of Santa Cruz (aka Compassion Central, U.S.A.) has placed on their drug-stores one of my issues; as far as I am concerned they have turned our Clubs into their Drug Dealers.

The City of Santa Cruz has demanded that dispensaries prohibit smoking at the clubs. Further, they have forced the dispensaries to sign an agreement holding them responsible if one of their clients medicates in public, with the power to revoke their license over this. This policy is crap and should be tossed in the trash. Along with the thinking that produced it.

The California Supreme Court has declared medical use is exempt from the Controlled Substances Act. I intend to defend the right of medical patients to peaceably assemble. And this includes medicating in public. Medical patients need to go places and do things. Many, if not most, have difficulty getting around. And many, if not most, of these must use public transportation. They have to buy groceries, and go to the doctor, and have dinner out or go to a movie. And they need to medicate to do this.

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